After choosing Hydroponics as a method of growing your plants, you have to ensure that the plants have all the nutrients required. Hydroponics growing does not require soil, meaning plants don’t have any other source of nutrients.

Guano Kalong products are a mixture of natural ingredients with the main ingredients as bat guano. Bat dung is rich in nutrients as bats choose their food from different plant species and insects. These products are rich in essential microelements, which gives your plant a remarkable growth through improved root formation. Besides, Guano Kalong products also provide vital macro elements to enable healthy growth. The phosphorus present in Guano Kalong is also great for flowering and root formation. Another benefit of Guano Kalong is that it gradually releases nutrients to avoid burning the plant’s roots. Below is a review of some of the Guano Kalong products we supply.

Guano Kalong Powder

This product is 100% natural product sourced from bat dung. The product is one of the best sources of phosphorus in the market. With Guano Kalong powder, you also get additional microelements, enzymes, and macro elements that will boost your plant’s growth. Plants need phosphorus for the development of strong roots, better taste, and higher yields. This bat dung will also stimulate the microbes in the plant to enhance nutrients absorption.

Guano Kalong Liquid Extract Taste Improver

Guano Kalong liquid extracts are 100% organic additives made from bat dung. It has a nutrient mix of 2% potassium, 2% nitrogen, and 0.5% phosphorus, which can work together with powder products for fantastic results. The benefits of using liquid taste improver are bigger fruits and flowers with an enhanced taste. The liquid is clear in colour, meaning you can use it in your hydro system with no risk of clogging the system.

Bat Mix

Tropical Bat mix is a mixture of coco and peat fertilized with bat dung. The mix is rich in phosphorus for strong roots and better fruits and flowers. Other minerals in the mix include calcium and magnesium that enhance the plant’s nutrients uptake for steady growth. The peat in the mix will help in holding water for longer with no worry about PH as it has been treated with lime to avoid acidity. This product is also packed with no perlite and woody bits to make it easier to dispose of and prevent fungus gnats.

Guano Kalong Palm Tree Ash

Guano Kalong palm tree ash is an organic bloom booster, especially when used together with the Guano Kalong powder. The product is rich in potassium and has an addition of phosphorus and magnesium for healthy roots and higher yields. The use of this product promotes better flowering, which translates to greater yields.