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These kits are made up to take the hassle out of choosing the correct size equipment for your propagation area. Centred around the excellent PG range of propagation tents there are two kits to choose from.

Providing a stable environment to germinate seeds or root cuttings is incredibly important, big changes in the environment will prolong the time it takes for cuttings to strike and seeds to germinate. If there is not sufficient light you risk your cuttings or seedlings becoming ‘spindlyʼ in their search for light, too much light and you are liable to damage the delicate developing plant. Progrow have matched the correct lighting and ventilation to provide the perfect environment for your young plants, within either a ProGrowroom PG90P or PG120P.

These tents are well thought out build around modern fluorescent light fittings such as the Sol-Digital T5 high powered florescent. A powerful Systemair RVK extractor fan coupled with a rhino filter provides the ventilation for each tent, air is drawn in passively through vent holes in the bottom of the tent.