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Progrow supplies high quality plant pots and saucers for every style of hydroponic gardening and grow environment. From square and round durable plastic pots to maximise space, to air pots, net pots and saucers, we have it all.

Air Pots

An air pot is used in indoor gardening. The pots work by tricking a plant into producing a couple of roots that grow towards the holes in the air pots. The roots dry up once they are exposed to air, and other roots grow, a process that continues throughout the plant’s life.

This method was primarily used for planting trees. It made it easier to transplant trees from an air pot to final location. The use of this method enables plants to continue growing quickly since they experience little or no transplant shock. Progrow encourages farmers to use small air pots during the plant’s early stages. Small air pots create room for growth of sturdy plants that have good lateral branching. It favours fruiting plants and indoor plants since they provide a medium for high yielding.

Progrow offer a variety of air pots ranging from 1,3 and 5 litres capacity. They are suitable for vegetables and many flowering crops. It is quite easy to determine the top of the air pot. The area is characterised by an intact uppermost part of the wall. This is to prevent wastage of water during watering. There are a couple of advantages to using air pots. One of the benefits is that they can be used many times. The pots are made of sturdy recycled plastic, which does not wear and tear easily. They are also easy to clean in preparation for the next usage.

Net pots

Small scale growers widely use net pots. They work perfectly to anchor plants in the system. These are affordable pots that can be used several times. With net pots, roots grow directly through the stretchy mesh, and this allows plants to grow fast and stay healthy. To steer the growth of plants in net pots, growing mediums such as grow stones, rockwool, hydroton, and lava rock can be added.


Saucers are used to prevent water from escaping when watering your plants. Our saucers are made of durable plastic, which makes it easy to move them around the grow room or tent. Escaping water has many negative impacts on your plants. One of the main challenges is that nutrients get drained away and it can also cause humidity problems and accidents.