Gronest Fabric Pot

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Gronest Fabric Pots breath life into your plants root systems. They are two layered and designed for indoor & outdoor use. Fabric Pots prevent root circling that often occurs in conventional pots. Roots sense the atmosphere and naturally dry and air prune. Gronest company has engineered a technically advanced fabric growing container using a proprietary ‘Aqua Breathe’ layer. This highly engineered geotextile provides optimum strength, durability, aeration and moisture retention in a single product.

Fabric pots also provide better drainage than standard pots, excess water freely drains through the pot meaning the growing media retains the water it can hold. Gronest fabric pots maintain a cooler root zone than conventional pots as the fabric allows the root zone to breathe. They are also incredibly durable and can be re-washed and used many times. These pots have a handy metal hook that can be used for labelling or to hold irrigation hose and fittings.

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