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Water temperature can have a pivotal effect on plants. Too cold or too warm can result in catastrophic failure. Adding a tank heater or chiller will give you the peace of mind, and allow for your plant to thrive in any temperature.

Hydroponic systems are particularly susceptible to problems caused by fluctuating water temperatures. In both the summer and the winter extra diligence must be applied to the monitoring of water temperatures as the natural ambient temperatures will be at their highest and lowest. This is where water chillers and heaters can give you peace of mind. The Hailea HC chiller series will keep your water chilled throughout the hot summer period so you can avoid things like Pythium and Root rot and the Hydor tank heaters will keep your water warm enough so the plants avoid cold shock which can reduce the development of a plant or kill it completely.

The different models of both heaters and chillers can accommodate for varying sizes of water bodies. The numbers next to each model correspond to how much water it can chill or heat. For example the HC-100A can chill 100ltrs of water and the Hydor 100w can heat 100ltrs of water.