Hailea Nutrient Chiller

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Hailea Nutrient Chiller are ideal for use with hydroponics systems and fish tanks. Temperatures can be set accurately with its digital control technology and the on board electronic display makes the chiller quick and easy to use.

Nutrient Chiller features:

  • Digital temperature controlling technology, detect/control the temperature in real time to keep the set temperature stable
  • Microcomputer control system for the convenience of the user.
  • large refrigeration capacity, water temperature can be regulated quickly.
  • Auto overcurrent power off protection system.
  • Temperature memory system that makes the chiller refrigerate continuously according to the previous temperature when the power is supplied again to protect plants in hydroponic systems.
  • Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for fresh and sea water use.
  • Adopts Freon-free R134a refrigerant which is safe and environment friendly.
  • Optimised parts for quiet operation, featuring a sreamlined fan for increased capacity and reduced syhock and noise.
  • Product Type: Air

Requires an extra submersible pump for operation.


HC- 100A
Flow: 200-1000 Litres per hour
Water Refrigerated: 100 litres
Weight: 9.2 kilograms
Dimensions (LxWxH): 338 x 218 x 325mm
Connector Size: 13mm

Flow: 250-1200 Litres per hour
Water Refrigerated: 150 litres
Weight: 15 kilograms
Dimensions (LxWxH): 420 x 248 x 365mm
Connector Size: 13 & 20mm

Flow: 1000-2500 Litres per hour
Water Refrigerated: 300 litres
Weight: 18.6 kilograms
Dimensions (LxWxH): 448 x 330 x 440mm
Connector Size: 20 & 25mm

Flow: 1200-3000 Litres per hour
Water Refrigerated: 500 litres
Weight: 22 kilograms
Dimensions (LxWxH): 475 x 360 x 490mm
Connector Size: 20 & 25mm

Flow: 1000-3000 Litres per hour
Water Refrigerated: 2000 litres
Weight: 27 kilograms
Dimensions (LxWxH): 634 x 468 x 590mm
Connector Size: 32mm

Weight 15.0000 kg

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