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House & Garden base nutrients are made using only liquid elements, this ensures that they are the cleanest and most concentrated. Using only the highest quality and purest ingredients allows for the plant to absorbed the nutrients faster and therefore resulting in a healthier plant growth.

H&G was founded in the 1990 in Netherlands, the founder had spent his entire life in the horticulture industry, in the greenhouse production of roses. H&G nutrients were developed in advance laboratory facilities which concentrated on developing unique potent fertiliser solution. H&G are always working to ensure their products are high-performing and clean products with no bulking agents or heavy metals.

Progrow currently sells: H&G Coco nutrient A&B, Hydro A&B, H&G Soil Nutrient A&B, Aqua Flakes, Drip Clean, Magic Green Foliar, Root Excelurator Gold, Amino Treatment, Multi Zyme, Bud XL, Multi Enzymes, Shooting Powder, Top Booster & Top Shooter Gel.