H&G Amino Treatment

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Amino Treatment is a revolutionary new product that brings noticeably higher fruit yield, with regard to quality as well as to quantity. The product consists of a balanced complex of ingredients such as small silicate particles which are much smaller than those which you would find in normal silicon. Amino Treatment also contains a unique natural growth and flowering stimulator from an extract taken from plant seeds.
Using Amino Treatment guarantees abundant growth and explosive flowering of your plants. After many years of research, House & Garden presents this revolutionary growth and flowering booster. It’s an entirely new product, containing a well balanced combination of active ingredients.

With Amino Treatment your plants will get:

  • A better foliage distribution
  • A higher photosynthesis ratio
  • Solid stems
  • Enhanced root activity
  • A better and increased fruit production
  • A higher sugar level of the fruit


Available in 2 sizes:

  • 250ml
  • 1ltr
Weight 0.3000 kg

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