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This category contains all the replacement lamps you are likely to need for indoor horticulture. From single tube Fluorescent lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, 315 watt Ceramic Discharge Magnetic Lamps to High Pressure Sodium HID, metal halide and double ended 1000 watt Lamps. All our lamps are chosen for their proven Horticultural use.

Fluorescent lamps including CFLʼs are supplied in a blue or red spectrum typically blue spectrum lamps are around 6500 kelvin whilst red spectrum lamps are around 2700 kelvin. High Intensity discharge lamps used for horticultural use fall into two categories, that of High Pressure Sodium which produces light more into the red spectrum and Metal Halide which produces a bluer white light.

Fluorescent Grow Lamps
Fluorescent lamps are used by the grower during the seedling/cutting stage, through to the vegetative stage. There low heat emission, lower power (comparative the high intensity discharge lamps) with large emitting surface area, and good available light make them ideally suited for this stage of growth.
This said smaller growers can use Compact Fluorescent Lamps right through the growing cycle very successfully. Progrow supply T5 high powered Fluorescent lamps in 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft lengths, 24 watts, 39 watts and 52 watts respectively, these lamps have been relied on by growers world wide to develop strong healthy vegetative plants since their introduction to the market. Each size is supplied as 6400 Kelvin or 2700 Kelvin giving the grower the ability to mix lamp colours in multiple fixture systems such as the T5 LightWave eight tube . Compact Fluorescent lamps are supplied in 125 watt, 200 watt, 250 watt sizes and similarly predominately blue or red spectrum with the same E40 fitting as that of the High Intensity Discharge lamps. Fluorescent lamps will effectively illuminate the area they cover and not much more, so do not scrimp on light above a propagator, you will find your plants will stretch and grow weakly. Once plants are established Fluorescent lamps can be positioned closely to the top of the plant, typically within 100-200mm optimally. As with all electrical equipment and fittings please handle these with care, you should try not to touch the Fluorescent tube at all, Compact Fluorescent Lamps should only be held by the base and not the tubes themselves.

High intensity Discharge HID Lamps
All HID lamps contain an inner sealed glass tube that contain a gaseous mix, an electric arc is passed through this mix and light is produced. In the case of Metal Halide lamps the gaseous mix consists of Mercury and Metal halides (compounds of bromium and iodine). High Pressure Sodium lamps have a gaseous mix that consists of mercury and metallic sodium. Increasingly in recent years manufacturers and developers have sought to enhance the photosynthetically Active radiation (PAR) emitted from their lamps by slight alterations in the gases and quantities, The Sylvania Grolux being a prime example. Typically growers will use Metal Halide Lamps for the vegetative cycle gradually moving to High Pressure Sodium during flowering and fruiting. For the Indoor Horticulturalist these lamps are typically supplied in 250 watt, 400 watt, 600 watt and 1000 watt sizes, the most commonly used being 600 watt as it produces the most lumens per watt of power. Grolux lamps can be used through the whole growing cycle successfully as can any lamp, however you will find your plants grow best with a good mix of light between 400- 700 nanometers.

Progrow understand the importance of a reliable lamp so you can be sure the selection of lamps here are not going to let you down. We supply lamps from global companies such as Phillips, Osram and Sylvannia, and Sunmaster without doubt producing the most reliable grow specific lamps in the
Horticultural world. Progrow have continually sought to keep the cost of their lamps down for the end user, so we buy in large quantities enabling us to offer quantity discounts for what is a consumable item. HPS lamps will last effectively for about 3-4 cycles of growth or 1 year, after this point the lumen drop off can be as much as 25%. We supply work horse lamps from Sol Digital, these are incredibly well made Horticultural lamps with good lumen output and finely tuned PAR at 700 umol/m2/s. These lamps can be used with magnetic ballast, and having enhanced spectral stability over varying power outputs, electronic dimming ballasts making them our best selling lamps. As with Fluorescent Lamps try not to touch the glass with your bare hands, wrap the bulb in a cloth to screw it into the E40 fixture, HID lamps should be screwed into the fitting firmly to prevent ‘arcingʼ.