Gavita Replacement Kit 600-750W Lamp & Bulb

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Gavita Replacement Kit 600-750W Lamp & Bulb is a replacement for the Gavita Pro 750 Watt HPS lighting kit.

The free reflector that comes with this kit is perfect if you are looking to buy new or swap your old one as it is recommended that you swap your old reflector for a new one each year.

  • Gavita is one of the most popular lighting brands in this market.
  • Efficient for up to a year
  • Gives more light than a typical 750w bulb
  • Cooler running
  • Higher yields
  • Better spectrum of light
  • Gives a broader more useable spectrum of light
  • Gives 400v on a 230v domestic mains supply
  • Comes with a FREE reflector
  • Gavita 750 Watt EL DE Lamp
  • High PAR rating: 1500 umols s-1
  • 5,000hr lamp expectancy
  • UHF Lamp for maximum crop efficiency’s
  • Clear Quatrz Glass Lamp
  • The quality of light is incredible – colour rendering is super accurate
  • Lamps retain 96% of their output over a year – that’s more than 4 complete grow cycles
  • Lamps emit a whopping 1500 micromoles – and that’s just the light that plants use for growth!

All Lamps run fine 15% either way of their wattage i.e. 675 Watts 750 Watts 825 Watts are perfect settings for a 750 Watt Lamp. If you are consistently dimming lower or higher than this you really need to get the right wattage lamp that is more acceptable for your growing conditions. You can position lamps precisely and get a very even burn. This way there’s no shadowing to block light.

Gavita Reflector Free with the Gavita Replacement Kit 600-750W Lamp & Bulb 

The Standard Free Reflector matches your 750 Watt Gavita Pro Fixture. This is why this kit is perfect for you when changing the lamp change the reflector too!

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