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GHE started in 1994, it gained international recognition for their hydroponic farm where they grew crops that were served by Michelin starred restaurant. Since then they have developed new methods of modern hydroponic gardening by combining purest fertilizer with the purest organic/ Bio ingredients available.

GHE has come up with a new method for modern farming and named it “Bioponic”. The method is to use only pure and compatible ingredients which will enable the living system of symbiotic cultivation. Opposed to harsh chemicals which cannot be used in a living system. Their research into this method and constant technology development has allowed GHE to remain a leader within their field.

The founder and co-founder of GHE have extensive knowledge within the modern agriculture and horticulture world. Having taught extensively and written numerous books and articles has made them well known and respected in the academic world. The Founders interest within the industry has led them to create reliable, great-quality nutrients that are pure and trusted world-wide.

GHE range of products includes: FloraGro, FloraBloom, FloraMicro, FloraCoco Grow, FloraCoco Boom, Ripen, Diamond Nectar, FloraKleen & CalMag.