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Hydroponic systems are instrumental in feeding plants with nutrient solutions and grow media that are soil free.

Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are present in major plant nutrients but they lack many of the essential micronutrients since in most soil types, these nutrients are in abundance.

The use of liquid organic fertilisers that are created from industrial wastes and agricultural residues are fast gaining momentum in gardening. The process of preparing these liquid nutrients are quite simple, involving the use of simple fermentation processes using wastes as carbon substrates. These nutrients play a vital role in the degradation of substrates that result in the production of such nutrients as cytokinins and auxins. That is why Progrow Hydroponics offers you a wide range of liquid measuring products that are vital for grow media since each of these nutrients must be manually added to enable plant growth via the liquid hydroponic measuring for nutrients provision.

The use of hydroponics in gardening is quite demanding and precise, requiring technical knowhow, knowledge, experience and skills to enable gardeners achieve and reap the benefits. Some common techniques employed in hydroponics are Dynamic Root Floating (DRF), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Food and Drain (FAD) and Deep Flow Technique (DFT), all playing a significant role in achieving different but specific goals in gardening.

Most of the commercially produced specialized fertilisers are quite expensive thus many growers prefer creating liquid fertilisers at home. However, these homemade nutrient solutions are not suitable for large-scale use. Liquid measuring products help growers give the required amounts of liquid nutrients to the grow media to facilitate healthy root development and plant growth. Some of the liquid measuring products you will find available from Progrow include pouring spouts, nutrients spigots, measuring cups, master droppers, master syringes, shot glass and many more. These products are made of chemically resistant polypropylene that make them highly suitable and also come in both metric and U.S graduation. They are also translucent to facilitate easy reading of nutrient solutions in the containers for easy measuring of supplement and nutrient solutions to help you boost your plant’s growth and yields.

However, care should be taken while administering nutrient solutions so that the nutrients are not administered in high concentrations. Highly concentrated nutrient solutions may pose serious risks to the consumers since these there will be an accumulation of toxic chemicals in the produce. These toxins could be very detrimental to human health upon consumption. Therefore, it is important to make use of liquid measuring products to make sure that you use the right amounts of nutrient solutions and in the right concentration of optimal yields that are safe for human consumption.