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Clonex is a world-renowned brand name for a cutting gel made by GrowthTechnology here in the U.K. It is trusted with good reason, returned better results over powder based cutting compounds. The unique gel instantly seals the cutting preventing the likelihood of fungal infection and embolisms. (an embolism occurs when a small bubble of air passes into the plants capillary system and prevents the cutting from drawing up moisture and nutrient). Within the gel Clonex provides the correct hormones (predominately Auxins and Cytokinins) to encourage root growth from newly struck cuttings. It is a marker of the success of Clonex in that it is the only product we sell as a rooting compound, there is simply nothing better when it comes to taking cuttings.

This section also contains Root Riot propagation cubes also made by Growth technology, this excellent growing media provides the perfect ratio of air to water when it is moist, meaning rooting is fast and efficient, they are a lot less likely to be ‘over-wateredʼ compared to Rockwool propagation cubes. Root riot cubes are made from a peat base and are perfect for customers who grow to maturity in coco fibre, available in a tray of 24 or bags of 50 or 100. Expanding coco coir plugs have also been a reliable ‘plugʼ for taking cuttings or planting seeds, again particularly suited to coco fibre or soil grows.

The coco coir plug must be soaked for 24 hrs prior to use, and then left to drain, we also sell an expanding coco coir block with a circular hole suited to the 35mm plug. Other accessories include trays for your coco coir plugs, surgical scalpels to enable you to take sterile cuttings, and neoprene replacement collars used in conjunction with the X-Stream Propagator.