Many years ago, when we set out to design a range hydroponic indoor grow tents, we wanted to create a great value for money, top quality, feature full and and well thought out tent to suit every indoor growers needs.

The Pro GrowRoom Tent Range was born.

Whether you are unpacking the small, yet feature packed PG90P Propagation Tent or the massive PG360 Grow Tent from its included carry case, you can be sure that you have got the same quality product that has kept 1000’s of customers coming back for more.

All of the grow tents in the Pro GrowRoom range have been designed with convenience and ease of use for the indoor hydroponic grower in mind.

Features such as access doors on different sides allow the grower more convenience and flexibility when tending to their plants. Easily removable/replaceable velcro fastened passive inlet vents allow the indoor grower to make quick tweaks to the environment contained within the tent.  All of the Pro GrowRoom tents feature over-sized & double-double-lined drawstring ports in multiple locations to allow for larger insulated ducted inlet and outtake pipework to be fitted and the double lined drawstring ports ensure no light or odour leakage can occur. Also fitted are multiple small ports at the top and bottom to allow for power cables to your Grow Lights, hydroponic grow system, circulation fans etc. In addition to this and since copied by others, the Pro GrowRoom Tents feature the ‘uplift bar’ – put simply, its a base frame bar that raises in the middle allowing an oval shaped inlet port underneath it – this allows hydroponic irrigation pipe work to pass to and from reservoirs etc at ground level without having to rise up to pass through a standard port.  This is a feature that proves very popular with hydroponic Growers that use gravity fed systems such as Auto-pot or Easy-feed. The included reflective waterproof catchment tray will aid the grower deal with any spillages etc

The whole Pro GrowRoom range of Indoor Grow Tents are constructed from steel bars and corners and wrapped in a premium quality 210D abrasion resistant material featuring high grade light proof zippers with and lined with a textured 95% reflective silver coating for efficient and evenly distributed light reflection.

Pro GrowRoom Tents provide the Indoor Hydroponic grower with a Premium product at a fantastic price – Try one – you wont be disappointed.