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Grow room heaters give the grower the tools they need be able to bring those low temperatures up especially during the winter months and help to control a steady environment during dark cycles. Having the correct environment in your grow space is half the battle of producing a good crop.

Grow Room Heaters

The temperatures of your crop’s environment are one of most important factors to consider, temperatures will directly affect the overall growth of your plants. The average temperatures should be between 18c and 26c, with an average between 21c and 24c over a full lighting cycle.

We have many options available from fan heaters to oil filled radiators, each has their place and its really down to what the environment requires. For example if your grow room is suffering with low temperature and low humidity you wouldn’t want to get a fan heater because they blow hot air around the room and dry any moisture out of the air very quickly, in this situation you would want an oil filled rad or a tube heater. The heat is radiated from these products gradually over time causing a lesser effect on the humidity of the environment.

If you are considering adding heating to your growing environment you should take in to account that heating will directly affect the humidity of your room, we offer a range of humidifiers, dehumidifiers and controllers that can all help to create that perfect growing environment.

Tank Heaters and Chillers

Water temperature can have a pivotal effect on plants. Too cold or too warm can result in catastrophic failure. Adding a tank heater or chiller will give you the peace of mind, and allow for your plant to thrive in any temperature.

Hydroponic systems are particularly susceptible to problems caused by fluctuating water temperatures. In both the summer and the winter extra diligence must be applied to the monitoring of water temperatures as the natural ambient temperatures will be at their highest and lowest. This is where water chillers and heaters can give you peace of mind. The Hailea HC chiller series will keep your water chilled throughout the hot summer period so you can avoid things like Pythium and Root rot and the Hydor tank heaters will keep your water warm enough so the plants avoid cold shock which can reduce the development of a plant or kill it completely.

The different models of both heaters and chillers can accommodate for varying sizes of water bodies. The numbers next to each model correspond to how much water it can chill or heat. For example the HC-100A can chill 100ltrs of water and the Hydor 100w can heat 100ltrs of water.