3kW Greenhouse Heater

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The LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater is perfect for maintaining temperatures in your green house or indoor grow room during the cooler winter months. The 3kW powerful output means it can effectively heat up large spaces in a short amount of time. As plants slow down their growth when subjected to cold temperatures (typically below 10 c) maintaining an optimum/desired temperature for you plants to thrive is essential.  Therefore a thermostatically controlled heater is essential to combat cold periods.

The 3 KW Greenhouse heater has 3 power controls enabling it to be used as a fan in the summer months or heater in the winter. It can run at a wattage of either 25w for fan only,  1500w for half heating power and 3000w for full heating.

The simple but robust design allows growers to easily use and place in a busy grow room environment. One of our best sellers for its reliability and consistent performance.

We recommend all Green house heaters are used in conjunction with a thermostatic controller.


  • 3 Power setting control: Fan (25w), half heating power (1500w) & full heating power (3000w)
  • Air output: 186m2 per hour
  • Power: 3050w
  • Dimensions: 24.5cm x 24cm x 31cm
  • Fuse: 13 amp
  • Thermal Protection (internal): 55 °C
  • Rating: IP24

For a simple understanding of sufficiently heating your grow space we’d recommend a look at this video from ‘Grow paradise’ on youtube.

As stated in the video using a min/max thermometer hygrometer as your eyes and ears on your environment, will enable you to dial in the use of your heater.

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