The LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater is perfect for maintaining temperatures during the cooler winter months. The 3kW powerful output means it can effectively heat up large spaces in a short amount of time. The Heater allows you to maintaining an optimum/desired temperature for you plants to thrive.

The greenhouse heater has 3 power controls and therefore is multipurpose as it can be used both as a fan in the summer months or heater in the winter months. It can runs at a wattage of either 25w for fan only, 1500w for half heating power and 3000w for full heating

The simple but robust design allows growers to easily use and place in a busy grow room environment.


  • 3 Power setting control: Fan (25w), half heating power (1500w) & full heating power (3000w)
  • Air output: 186m2 per hour
  • Power: 3050w
  • Dimensions: 24.5cm x 24cm x 31cm
  • Fuse: 13 amp
  • Thermal Protection (internal): 55 °C
  • Rating: IP24