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Magnetic ballast provides a reliable affordable option for growers, that can power all indoor grow lights.

A magnetic ballast contains a coil of copper wire or rows of cooper plates. The magnetic field produced by the elements trap most of the current so only the right amount is delivered to the lamp. The amount of fluctuation depends on how much copper is used inside the ballast. Sometimes you can hear with a buzz coming from the ballast or a flicker in the light as the current changes.

Magnetic ballast rely on the principle of electromagnetism. In that when an electrical current travels through a wire it naturally generates magnetic force on itself. Magnetic ballast are used on all lights from t5 fluorescent lights to high power sodium. Magnetic ballast are not as efficient as the newer digital ballast they do provide a lamp with everything it needs properly and safely.

The magnetic ballast we tend to see used most in an indoor setting are the 250w, 400w , 600w plate type ballast such as our pro magnetic ballast they are commonly used to power High Power Sodium and metal halide.