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Secret Jardin is considered an indoor growing expert. Their tents have always been of high-quality and fit for professionals. Progrow sells Secret Jardin DarkRoom range which has been regarded as best quality grow tent that money can buy.

Secret Jardin have been developing professional grow rooms since 2006. They are reliable, made of a strong structure and tear-proof canvas. The DarkRoom range includes many accessories to help you manage your space.

There are many advantages of growing in a grow room. First is, it gives grower space that is already engineered to accommodate all the equipment need to have a successful grow. Saving you time on cutting holes and hanging lighting hooks. Another would be, it gives a grower a space that is easily managed and movable in situations where you may have to move locations. Having a tent gives you peace of mind that you can set up anywhere in little time. Secret Jardin tents are built from 95+ reflective materials and are light tight, so when your lights are on you know you your room has sufficient reflectiveness in order to provide a stable lighting environment. With it being light tight you know that during strict light and dark cycles, no light is leaking in and potentially spoiling your crop. Getting the environment correct is one of the most important aspects of growing and it can be made so much easier with the help of using a Secret Jardin tent.

Progrow sells are wide range of Secret Jardin tents including: CR60 Cristal Dome Tent, DarkRoom DR60 R3.00, DarkRoom DR90 R3.00, DarkRoom DR120 R3.00, DarkRoom DR150 R3.00, DarkRoom DR240W R3.00, DarkRoom DR240 R3.00 & DarkRoom DR300 II.