Progrow keep it simple providing two quality air stones for use in a hydroponic reservoir or DWC system. Cheap inferior air stones will degrade or break in a hydroponic tank or become blocked with nutrient salt. A round ball air stone provides the best solution, it is perfectly sufficient to oxygenate up to a 100 ltr reservoir tank connected to our smallest 1.6 l/min Hailea air pump. Our 100mm 4 inch Japanese air stones are made from an incredibly hard ceramic that is very porous providing a stream of oxygenated water well suited for Deep water Culture systems. Leaky porous pipe is a product that deserves a mention as we have sold it since our inception, this porous pipe is great for those ‘tinkerers’ who are keen to invent ways of adding oxygen to their plants. We have seen leaky pipe used in Nutrient Film Technique, Ebb and flood, Deep water culture, Autopots and in the bottom of conventional soil pots over the years by our customers in attempts to add oxygen to the roots of their plants. Another such product in this section that deserves a special mention is the Bubblegen, a recent and continuing best seller. The Bubblegen does the job of circulating and oxygenating your nutrient solution silently, using atmospheric pressure to draw oxygen into the nutrient solution, customers have been fast to appreciate this clever gadget. As with all the pumps we provide we also stock all the relevant fittings in the way of straight connectors, tees, air pipe, stop ends and manifolds the hydroponic enthusiast might need.