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Many a novice to the world of Hydroponics have started with what is the U.Kʼs best selling Nutrient Film Technique system (NFT), namely the Grow tank or ‘GTʼ systems made by Nutriculture. Progrow has sold these inexpensive, easy to use systems since our inception almost 20 years ago.

Why choose an NFT grow tank from Nutriculture?

If you are new to hydroponics then there is no better place to start. Nutricultures Grow tanks are well thought out and designed to provide the correct reservoir size, channel slope and distribution of the nutrient solution. They are very simple to put together, all thatʼs really needed is to fit the delivery tube into the pump, the pump then sits in the reservoir tank at the head or top of the NFT table the delivery tube exiting at the top of the table. Spreader matting is provided with an NFT kit, this is laid in the channel to aid the spread of nutrient and the plants root mat. The system is provided with a correx top-sheet, once you have decided what size rockwool cubes you intend to use and how many plants you are placing in your system you must cut the correx sheet to allow the rockwool cubes to fit neatly into the holes in the top sheet. Typically cuttings or seedlings are taken in 35mm x 35mm x 40mm SBS rockwool cubes, once rooted and ready to transplant they are placed into pre-soaked 3, 4 or 6 inch rockwool cubes. These cubes are kept off the system until roots appear through the bottom of the larger rockwool block, this should take no more than a couple of days before the plants are then able to be placed through the pre-cut holes in the Correx and on to the channel. Progrow recommend you start feeding your plants in the NFT system for 15 mins in the hour every hour the lights are on, as your root mat grows you will increase the watering so the pump runs continually whilst the lights are on, so you will need to purchase a good quality segmental or digital timer. Due to their low profile (all Grow Tanks are below 250mm off the floor.) Nutricultures NFT tanks are great for low grow rooms or where space is an issue, they are made in the U.K of incredibly tough plastic and so are well able to withstand the harsh environment of a grow room for many years. NFT systems are incredibly good value, the range starts with the GT 205 which measure 560mm in length and only 345mm in width and goes up to the GT 901 which is just under 2 meters in length with a channel width of 500mm.

Nutriculture also manufacture two square systems, the GT100 and the GT150 which are well suited to those growing in grow tents. As with all re-circulating grow systems regular changing of the reservoir is essential to the growth of the plants, leave your tank too long between changes and you are liable to get problems with deficiencies or imbalances of your nutrient solution. Another benefit of this system is there is very little waste or grow media to deal with once you have cropped your plants. Rockwool blocks can easily be disposed of or better still shredded and re-used for compost. So there really is no better place to start if you are ready to dive into the world of Hydroponics for the first time, and once youʼve mastered these smaller systems and your grow room grows Nutriculture have the answer with their larger multi duct systems, available in store only.