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Whether you are just dipping your toes into hydroponic gardening and need some solid guidance or experienced and looking to further your knowledge in a specific field, Progrow have a selection of printed Books authored by experts for you to choose from.


If there is a specific hydroponic gardening book you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Sadly, printed books in general are in decline –  partly due to the modern way of instant availability and the ability to take a library on the bus with you in your phone/tablet etc.  This is all well and good but soon, that library of books inevitably makes way for a google search along the lines of  “how to…..? whats the best way to…..? Etc. We do it everyday and it’s a great tool but….

When looking for information on indoor hydroponic growing on the world wide web, most of those questions will inevitably lead to a forum of some kind.  They can be a font of knowledge and will occasionally provide you a quick answer to a question and get you out of a tight spot.  They also can be a minefield of self-proclaimed ‘experts/pros” etc.  All have their idea of what is right or wrong, most likely also a bias to a particular method of Hydroponic Indoor Growing and will turn up their nose at anyone who doesn’t share their opinion.  Some probably haven’t even grown a plant using hydroponics before but their “mate’s sister’s boss’s son reckons it’s the way forward….”

Again, nothing wrong with that if you don’t mind filtering though it all.  Sometimes however, you can’t beat a good book.  A well written book on a subject you choose and usually by a single author and expert in their field, will nearly always be a better educator than the keyboard warriors online.

Progrow stock a selection of books covering hydroponic gardening specialising in and going into depth on specific methods/systems, crops and sciences such as nutrition and lighting.

If you are a newcomer and would like a good overview of the whole practice or seasoned pro looking to brush up or expand their knowledge then Progrow will have something to suit your needs.