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A grow room is a space designed to allow the growth of plants under controlled conditions. The plants grow using high power lamps that generate high temperatures. The high temperature range creates an excessively hot environment hence, the need for supplemental ventilation using grow room fans.

Progrow specialises in the supply of grow fans and their parts as explained in the text below the products on this page.

Carbon Filters

When growing indoor plants, extraction becomes an essential feature of keeping your grow space fresh. CarboAir carbon filters are known to be high-quality materials that are specially designed for this purpose. They have a thick bed and a coarse virgin carbon that makes them perform better when removing traces of foul air and allow optimal airflow. When buying carbon filters from other brands, you have to choose between eliminating smells and creating adequate air circulation. Our stock has carbon filters from brands like Phoenix, Rhino Hobby and Rhino Pro.

Odour Control

The carbon filter, intake and outtake fan help eliminate odour in a grow room. Adding odour neutralisers and air fresheners to the space to help keep it fresh at all times. It is available in the form of liquids, mists, gels, sprays and blocks from ONA. You also want to use ozone generators to rid of harmful bacteria while neutralising grow room odours. We have devices in our range from brands such as Pro3.

Ducting and Accessories

Ducting provides a simple and cost-effective method of connecting filters and fans to facilitate adequate ventilation in the grow room. Also, joining the equipment correctly eliminates the likelihood of developing leaks in the system, which can compromise the growth progress of the plants. We stock different types of ducting from acoustic to aluminium to combi to PhonicTrap ducting.

Fans and Parts

The fans are designed to keep the environmental and humidity levels of the grow room optimal. They also ensure a constant supply of carbon dioxide, which aids in photosynthesis. Our stock includes fans with powerful digital motors that are designed to deliver an adequate flow of air for watt consumed, circulating fans for replacing the depleted CO2 from the air and prevent the accumulation of heat under the grow lamps. This category also comprises other parts like silencers used for reducing wind and fan noise, filter boxes and DiffuseAir equipment.

Environmental Control

The secret to successful indoor gardening is maintaining the right humidity and temperature levels so that plants grow in a conducive environment. Environmental control systems ensure the conditions remain optimal at all times regardless of the prevailing weather. Essential products found in the category include fan controllers, horticultural air-conditioning, room heaters, tank heaters, humidity control systems, thermometers & hygrometers and tank heaters and chillers.