CO2 Generator

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These high quality CO2 Growth Gas Generators run on liquid propane gas (LPG) and provide a cost effective and very simple way to enrich the atmosphere inside the grow room with carbon dioxide. The CO2 Generator simply connects to a canister of LPG and plugs into a mains socket. CO2 is created as the LPG slowly burns inside the generator. They are ready to Plug and Play with the Shiva CO2000 for a fully automated, professional CO2 controller, sensor and release system.

  • Increase CO2 levels inside the grow room or green house
  • Very economical – runs on liquid propane gas (LPG)
  • Light weight, portable high quality construction
  • Easy to use. Simply connect to gas canister and plug into mains supply
  • Compatible with the Shiva CO2000 CO2 sensor and controller for professional applications.

To get the best results from adding CO2 to your grow room:

  • Use with the Shiva CO2000 for the ultimate professional CO2 controller, sensor and release system.
  • Check our ‘Growing with CO2 FAQ’s in the Environment and Ventilation section of our Customer Support Forum for help and advise using this product.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 2.5kw
  • 4kw
  • 11kw
Weight 5.2000 kg

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