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Cyco Platinum Series brand provides a market savvy and cutting-edge hydroponic range of plant nutrients and additives. Developed from the best ingredients and latest technology, Cyco strive to deliver the best results for all growers.

Cyco utilises the latest technology to create premium nutrients which create benchmark growing results. The brand is focused on getting the best results for their customers with Cyco Platinum Series products.

Progrow currently sells: Cyco Grow, Cyco Bloom, Cyco Dr.Repair, Cyco B1 Boost, Cyco Potash Plus, Cyco Ryzofuel, Cyco Silica, Cyco Swell, Cyco Sugar Rush, Cyco Supa Stiky, Cyco Uptake, Cyco Zyme, Cyco Kleanse & Cyco XL Grow stim.