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Cyco Supa Stiky is an additive that is used during the flowering cycle of plant growth and aids in the construction of components crucial to the formation of essential oil compounds in the plant. Supa Stiky is a source of magnesium, which is required to catalyse many enzymatic reactions within the plant. This process encourages the production of the plant’s essential oils as well as enhanced aroma, yield and quality of the end product. Supa Stiky is also a source of Potassium and Phosphorus, both key minerals used in fruit formation, while Potassium is needed to catalyse many enzymatic growth reactions inside the plant.

Supa Stiky is used only in the last 4 weeks of the bloom period at 1ml per liter.

Feed Charts

Link to – CYCO basic feed chart for hydroponics use

Link to- CYCO advance feed chart for hydroponics use

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