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Veg+Bloom formulas have been developed to be compatible with very complex and controlled conditions/environment. This resulted in a broad-spectrum formula that allow crops to flourish under any arrangement of conditions. Through all of this research and development Veg+Bloom was tailored specifically for hydroponic and focused on generating maximum yield at the lowest cost.

The founder of Veg+Bloom, Christopher LaRose, started this company as he was frustrated with the absence of all-phase hydro nutrients. He wanted to create something that could provide all the nutrients a plant would require throughout the whole life cycle of the plant. The formula he came up with was easy to use, powerful and suitable for both tap water and Reverse Osmosis water. Growers became astonished by the results, and that’s when the founder of Veg+Bloom decided to make his product available to all hydroponic growers and farmers throughout the United States. Since then it has grown even more and has become available to buy in the UK with its popularity growing every day.

The founder is continually researching into his formulas to come up with a new solution. There’s still so much left to experiment, and innovate that Christopher is trying to come up with a new solution that will benefit all of the hydroponic growers.