Our propagators are made by British company Sankey, they are made of robust durable plastics particularly suited to indoor growing environments. A heated propagator would be preferable over an un-heated particularly if your grow room is susceptible to lower temperature. They have an element set into the base of the propagator that will provide the optimum temperature. It is advised to add some moist perlite to the base of the propagator to prevent the likelihood of media becoming too dry. You should wipe excess condensation from the inside of your propagator daily, whilst checking the growing medium is moist enough finally misting the inside of the propagator before replacing the clear plastic, this should also be misted with a fine hand sprayer. Propagators typically come in a medium size suitable for a single x24 site tray of either root riot cubes or Cultilene SBS rockwool cubes, large propagators will take up to 70 seedlings or cuttings if using the same propagation cubes. Nutricultureʼs Xstream heat heated propagator will take 3x trays of Cultilene Large SBS 35mm x 35mm x 40mm plugs or 450 cutting or seedling sizes using Cultilene Small SBS 25mm x 25mm x 40mm Trays. Getting propagating right is an incredibly rewarding skill to master, as previously mentioned it relies on ‘evenʼ, high humidity environment, cleanliness, the correct light, and providing the optimum conditions for seeds to germinate or cuttings to strike and take root.