Garland Jumbo Pro Vari/Temp Cont Electric Propagator

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The Garland Jumbo Pro Propagator has a Variable Temperature Control. It is the largest in the Garland range and is supplied with two XL High Dome Propagators on a heated base providing a tightly controlled growing environment using state of the art technology and equipment. Many growers will find the extra headroom provided by the unit particularly useful.

Designed for the keen gardener looking to grow seeds in volume, this unit is also ideal for rooting cuttings.

The heated base contains a 100 Watt carbon fibre element ensuring even heat distribution and is supplied with a digital display, variable temperature controller.

The control unit features a highly accurate probe sensor on a 2m lead and is capable of controlling the temperature of your growing medium to within 1 degree C. A large lit digital display makes the temperature control unit extremely easy to use. Once the probe sensor is in position, simply enter your desired target temperature and leave the unit to automatically regulate, heating only when needed. You can set a temperature target anywhere between 5 degree C and 30 degree C.

Please note that we do not recommend operation of the unit where the ambient temperature falls below 5 degree C.

The temperature control unit also features a useful hanging loop. The size of the unit lends itself to use in a greenhouse or on a spare room table top. The unit is fully injection moulded to produce a durable, high quality product.

Size Check: 120cm (47.25″) Long, 41cm (16″) Wide, 25cm (9.75″) High External.

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