Garland 4 Top Automatic Temp/Cont Electric Propagator

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The Garland 4 Top Automatic Temp/Cont Electric Propagator is the perfect choice for gardeners looking to grow a range of seed varieties. The size of the electric heated base lends itself to use in a greenhouse or on a spare room table top. The Four Top allows added user flexibility, featuring 4 independent small vented propagators, each 23cm (9″) Long 17cm (6.5″) Wide 6cm.

The heated base contains a 40 Watt carbon fibre element for even heat distribution and features an in built fixed temperature thermostat designed to maintain a compost temperature of 19° Centigrade. The unit features ‘Heat On’ and ‘Power On’ neon light indicators.

Once your seedlings have germinated or cuttings have been taken in an indoor environment a good light source is essential to give your plants the best start. Couple this propagator with a high powered T5 Fluorescent light fixture such as the T5 Lightwave 4 tube 2 ft unit.

Size Check: 59.5cm (23.5″) Long 41cm (16″) Wide 20cm (8″) High

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