Delivering the bright white light needed for exuberant growth, they are perfect for the production of seedlings, cuttings, young plants and all general plant production. They have the added advantage of displaying showy plants such as orchids to the very best of their potential, emphasising the rich green of the foliage and the bright colours of the flowers.

Choice of 5 Sizes:

  • T5 Lamp Blue 6400K 1ft 11w
  • T5 Lamp Blue 6400K 1.5ft 17w
  • T5 Lamp Blue 6500K 2ft 24w – 55cm
  • T5 Lamp Blue 6400K 3ft 39w – 85cm
  • T5 Lamp Blue 6500K 4ft 54w – 115cm

**Brands may vary.

Please note we do not ship this item outside UK mainland.