CFL Dual Spectrum 250w provides both CFL Blue 6400k & CFL Red 2100k, lower power grow and flower bulbs.

The blue CFL grow light is designed for the vegetative growth cycle of your plant. The red CFL grow light is designed for the flowering growth cycle of your plant.  The PRO STAR CFL has a built-in ballast and connects directly to the mains with up to 15,000 hours life span

CFL’s use less power and have a longer rated life than traditional low power incandescent bulbs. CFL’s radiate a different light spectrum from that of incandescent lamps. Improved phosphor formulations have improved the subjective colour of the light emitted by CFL’s across the PAR Spectrum.


  • 250W CFL  = 11,200 lumens   ⇒   39  x  39 cm grow area
  • Energy Saving Lamp
  • Low Working temperature
  • High lumen output and photosythesis
  • Long life
  • 11.200 Lumen
  • 0,210 kWh
  • 8000 h
  • Dual Spectrum 8u-250w
  • Length: 410mm Height: 125mm