H&G Coco Nutrient A&B

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House & Garden Coco Nutrient is peciously formulated for use with coco fibre.

It’s a two part base nutrient formulated for gardeners using a medium of 40% or more coco substrate. Cocos A&B’s is revolutionary in its formulation, our nutrients are made of an entirely new composition, structure and method of preparation using only food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. H&G Cocos base nutrients are produced from 100% liquid base elements, not powders. Combined with our state of the art mixing process this ensures Cocos A&B is the cleanest most concentrated base nutrient on the market. H&G is manufactured in a unique production facility in California; ensuring perfect consistency with every single batch.

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 1ltr
  • 5ltr
  • 10ltr
  • 20ltr


Weight 2.4000 kg

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