Guano Kalong Lava Worm Powder 25kg

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Guano Kalong Lava Worm Powder is a combination of volcanic rock dust and worm castings. Making for a fertiliser naturally very rich in minerals and therefore highly suitable for stimulating growth without the use of too many additives.

Guano Kalong Lava Worm Powder also contains a wide range of scarce trace elements which makes this product unique in the plant nutrition market! Trace elements in varying degrees depending on the species of plant are essential for optimum plant health and vitality.

Commonly required trace elements for plants include copper, Boron, Zinc, manganese and molybdenum. Plants require these elements in very small quantities giving them their biological name of micronutrients, typically less than 0.1% by volume. Trace elements provide various functions for plants including:

  • Development of chlorophyll granules
  • Improves photosynthesis in plants
  • Improves the metabolic process
  • Contributes to cell elongation and the firmness of the cell membrane
  • Contributes to the formation of enzymes and hormones

To discover more about trace elements we would recommend this excellent presentation from ‘Advancing Eco Agriculture’ on Youtube and the book Mineral Nutrition and plant disease

Key Features of  Lava Worm Powder:

  • Naturally rich in minerals.
  • Stimulates growth without requiring many additives.
  • Unique: source of scarce trace elements.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 100% organic


  • For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • For both outside cultivation and in pots and/or planters: Before planting, mix Guano Kalong Lava Worm Powder into a good potting soil  with a maximum ratio of 10% Lava Worm Powder to the total volume.


  • Volcanic rock dust with worm castings in powdered form.
  • Colour: grey.
  • Abundant in micronutrients.

Additional information:

BRAND: GK-Organics

PHASE: Basic fertiliser, Booster


PURPOSE: Growth stimulation

Weight 25.0000 kg


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