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Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX is a bio rich living substrate that is ready to plant into, it offers the optimum environment for your crops. With added fertiliser for the first few weeks and a living microbial charge that will benefit your crop throughout the entire growing period. This unique soil blend is designed for high yields with superb aeration making it less prone to compaction.

Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX is a blend of carefully selected substrates. Perlite and organic fibres are added to give a lightness and oxygen level second to none. Jiffy PRO7 ALL+ mix provides a perfect habitat for the flourishing active microbial system that enhances the Nitrogen cycle in your growing medium. The abundance of microbes and beneficial bacteria in Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX ensures vigorous plant growth, increased nutrient uptake and water retention. Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX is pre-fertilised with enough nutrient to sustain lush and forceful growth for up to 4 weeks. The grower should then start to feed with a high quality professional fertiliser such as Shogun terra grow or bloom.

Benefits of Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX

  • Easy to use – ideal for beginners or professionals
  • Perfect soil structure and aeration
  • Bursting with biology = Contains essential bacteria and fungi
  • Great diversity in trace elements
  • 100% natural, made with organic principles
  • Made in the EU

Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX delivers lush vigorous growth time after time, a trusted feature common in all PRO7 products. Because of the mix of premium Peats and +Mix, PRO7 ALL+MIX contains a high organic content and a rich soil life including important nitrogen-fixating bacteria (actinomycetes) and SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) microbes that improve stress tolerance.
It’s mix of natural fibres and high quality organic peats offers a superior water retention while still having optimum air to water ratio.

How to use:

Jiffy PRO7 ALL+MIX is a ready to use substrate for growing all types of flowering and fruiting plants.
Simply add to your pot and water in your plant. Extra nutrition will be needed in approximately 4 weeks, depending on the needs of your plant.

If you are using automated irrigation systems, it is important that the water properly irrigates and drains through all of the substrate; if the substrate becomes too wet it can cause algae and mould to form and compaction which can lead to disease.

We recommend a professional quality nutrient such as VitaLink Plant Start in the propagation phase, Shogun Terra Grow feed for your vegetive phase and Shogun Terra Bloom in the flowering phase.


  • Fill a pot and tap it to help the mix settle.
  • Pre water until run-off occurs, using water at 18-20c pH6.5 – 7.5.
  • If using tap water leave to stand overnight.
  • Leave the pot for 24hrs after watering, (this encourages beneficial microbes to become active)


Take care not to over water your plants. The correct watering regime will allow beneficial microbes to create the optimum environment for vigorous and healthy plant growth.

Product composition and characteristics.

A blend of Baltic dark and white peat, with perlite, base fertiliser, trace elements and lime.

EC 1.8 mS/cm (1:1.5)

pH 6.0 + 0.5

Dry matter 31%

Organic matter 71%

NPK 6:14:27 2kg/m3

NPK 31:0:0 1kg/m3 slow release


Learn more about the PRO7 range of products from Jiffy here.

Media Peat and Natural fibres, perlite, compound fertiliser, beneficial bacteria
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