Drip Irrigation Starter Kit Wilma 4 Plant Coco

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The Wilma System is a simple, flexible system that that offers superior results over traditional hand watering in pots. This really is a great introduction into active hydroponics and can be used with a wide variety of mediums to suit your preferred growing style or ability. A great system for beginners and professionals.

1 x Propagation Kit (24 x starter cubes, Clonex, nutrient for young plants, scalpel, plant labels and marking pen, full instructions helping you to master growing seeds and clones)
1 x Propagator, 1 x 125w CFL propagation light.
Ventilation and Control:
1 x 125mm RVK extractor fan with power lead, 1 x carbon filter, 5 meters of aluminium ducting, hose clips, 1 x digital hygrometer/thermometer, 1 x clip on fan, 1 x ventilation timer.
1 x 400w lighting system with Euro Reflector and duel spectrum lamp, lighting timer, contactor and suspension chain.
Hydro System:
1 x Atami Wilma System 4 Pot, 1 x pump timer
Growing Medium:
1 x Strip of Rockwool Cubes, 1 x 50ltr bag of Coco.
Nutrients and Additives:
1 x Ultimate Indoor Grow, 1 x Ultimate Indoor Bloom, 1 x Regen-A-Root, 1 x Wilt Guard, 1 x Head Masta, Measuring Jug, FAQ’s and Nutrient Growers Guide.
pH Equipment:
1 x pH Test Kit, 1 x 250ml pH Down, 3ml Pipette.
1 x Indoor Horticulture.

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