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The AutoPot is a practical, user-friendly system for those who prefer to grow in pots but require the convenience and improved performance of automated feeding as opposed to hand watering.
There is no complicated system maintenance required so your growing experience can be as hands off as you want it to be. Great if you are a beginner or you can’t always get to your plants as frequently as you would need to if using a true hydroponics system.
Plants are grown conventionally in pots of coco fibre and the AutoPot System takes care of the watering so you don’t have to. Just keep the tank topped up, sit back and watch them grow!

1x Propagation Kit (24x starter cubes, Clonex, nutrient for young plants, scalpel, plant labels and marking pencil, full instructions helping you to master growing seeds and clones)
1x Propagator, 1x 125w CFL propagation light.
Ventilation and Control:
1x 125mm RVK Extractor Fan with plug & power lead, 1x Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter, 5 meters of aluminium ducting, 3x ducting clips, 1x digital hygrometer/thermometer, 1x clip on fan, 1x ventilation timer.
1x 400w lighting system with Euro Reflector and dual spectrum lamp, 1x lighting timer, 1x Powerstar 1K contactor and suspension chain.
AutoPot System:
1x AutoPot 2 Pot Kit 6mm (1x 47L waterbutt & lid, 1x 6mm Filter, 2x 1Pot Trays & covers, 2x 15L Pots 2x Aqua valves, 2x RCD’s, 2x Marix Discs, 2m of 6mm Pipe & 1x 6mm Tee piece)
Growing Medium:
1x 50ltr Coco.
Nutrients and Additives:
1x Ultimate Indoor Grow, 1x Ultimate Indoor Bloom, 1x Regen-A-Root, 1x Wilt Guard, 1x Head Masta, 1x Measuring Cup 60ml, 1x Nutrient Guide.
pH Equipment:
1x pH Test Kit, 1x 250ml pH Down, 1x 3ml Pipette.

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