NFT Starter Kit GT205 4 Plant

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The NFT is a classic system that allows an excellent supply of oxygen to the roots, giving it very fast growth rates. It requires very little growing medium (a few Rockwool cubes) meaning it is cheap, clean and convenient to maintain. The systems are low in height so are good in places with restricted head room. This is an excellent choice for both beginners and professional growers.

1x Propagation Kit (24x starter cubes, Clonex, nutrient for young plants, scalpel, plant labels and marking pencil, full instructions helping you to master growing seeds and clones)
1x Propagator, 1x 125w CFL propagation light.
Ventilation and Control:
1x 100mm RVK extractor fan with power lead, 1x Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter, 5 meters of aluminium ducting, 3x ducting clips, 1x digital hygrometer/thermometer, 1x clip on fan, 1x ventilation timer.
1x 250w lighting system with Pro Ballast, Euro Reflector and Sol-Digital sodium lamp, 1x lighting timer, 1x Powerstar 1K contactor and suspension chain.
Hydro System:
1x GT205 NFT System.
Growing Medium:
4x 3″ Cultilene Rockwool Cubes.
Nutrients and Additives:
1x Ultimate Indoor Grow, 1x Ultimate Indoor Bloom, 1x Regen-A-Root, 1x Wilt Guard, 1x Head Masta, Measuring Jug, FAQ’s and Nutrient Growers Guide.
pH Equipment:
1x pH Test Kit, 1x 250ml pH Down, 1x 3ml Pipette.
1x Indoor Horticulture.

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