Garland Micro Grow Light Garden White

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Garland Micro Grow Light Garden enables you to grow what you love, in your home all year long. This compact garden has a Full spectrum (6400K) grow light that replicates natural sunlight for year round growing.

Perfect for growing salads and herbs or for early season seed starting. Use also to boost flowering house plants out of season.

Garland Micro Grow Light Garden features 2 high efficiency Sunblaster 24 Watt high output lights consuming 20% less power than a standard domestic light bulb and giving up to 10,000 hours of use. NanoTech Reflectors reduce heat build up and maximise performance by reflecting 100% of the light towards the plants.

Supplied with 4 reusable tough growing trays (37cm (14.5”) Long 13.5cm (5.25”) Wide 6cm (2.5”) High) for easy succession planting. Includes raised platform insert and capillary matting allowing plants to self water for up to 14 days (subject to climate conditions).

Canopy height adjusts easily to a maximum of 38cm from the base to achieve optimal plant growth.

Attractive table top design perfect for use in the home, office or restaurant.

Manufactured from 100% recycled tough plastic and sturdy aluminium. Electronic ballasts eliminate annoying buzzing while in operation.

Please note some home assembly is required.

Size Check: 62cm (24.5”) Long 40cm (16”) Wide 47cm (18.5”) High 48 Watt Power

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