22ltr EasyFeed Module Complete

SKU: 06589


Additional complete single module for adding onto your current EasyFeed system.

Extremely low-maintenance, relies on gravity. Ideal for growing in soil, coco or mixes like 60/40. The EasyFeed fabric pots are made of a high quality breathable fabric which allows air pruning of the roots.

Complete XL 22ltr EasyFeed module Kit Includes:

  • 1x Large Easyfeed Tray
  • 1x XL 22ltr Easyfeed Fabric pot
  • 1x Easyfeed Float
  • 1x Easyfeed lid
  • 1x Easyfeed Hose Tail
  • 1x meter of Easyfeed pipe
  • 1x Easyfeed Tee peice


  • Gravity fed
  • Control watering frequency
  • No nutrient waste
  • Roots are drawn upwards
  • Breathable fabric pots
  • Even, consistent feeding schedule for multiple plants
  • No need for electric water pumps
  • Eco friendly
Weight 5.7200 kg


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