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This AquaKing Fogger uses a high power universal motor. The rotation of the fan blades generates high speed rotary cutting air. The motor increases the pressure of the solution and sends it through a well designed nipple into the air at high speed.The combined effect of high speed rotary cutting air and the special structured nipples results in the solution being split into small fog droplets. The average droplets range from 10 to 150um. Within the water mist the droplets have strong dispersion and high uniformity. Large spray distance and longer floating time make sure the solution is effectively absorbed. Making it particularly effective for foliar feeding and dealing with pest infestations in grow rooms. With many other applications including; poultry farms, veterinary practice, animal health centre, entry – exit inspection, quarantine bureau, customs and the next pandemic of course.

Aquaking Fogger Features & Spec:

  • Capable of dispensing pesticides, deodorants, fungicides, disinfectants, matricides, poultry vaccines, odour neutralisers
  • Strong penetration, fast spread with adjustable and uniform droplets
  • Use for both spacious spray and residual spray
  • Anti corrosive solution & air pipe
  • Anti cracking & shock proof fogger head
  • Scale on solution tank makes for easy mixing
  • Patented backflow technology
  • Carry strap for comfortable operation

Model:  AKF-1000

Power Supply:  AC220V/50Hz

Capacity:  5ltr

Spray Quantity: 470ml/min (Adjustable)

Droplet size: 10-150um

Effective range:  3-8m

N.W./G.W.:  2.61/3.78kg

We have used these ourselves for many years and they seem pretty bomb proof. However there is a two year guarantee for warranty services of repair and replacement. Any quality problems must be reported within 14 days of purchase.



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