Hose Tail Connector

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Hose Tail Connectors (Male/Female/Barbed):

  • 20mm (3/4ins) F BSP-20mm (3/4ins) Barbed
  • 20mm (3/4ins) F BSP-12mm (3/8ins) Barbed
  • 20mm (3/4ins) M BSP-16mm (1/2ins) Barbed
  • 16mm (1/2ins) M BSP-16mm (1/2ins) Barbed
  • 20mm (3/4ins) M BSP- 20mm (3/4ins) Barbed
  • 25mm (1ins) F BSP-25mm (1ins) Barbed
  • 20mm (3/4ins) F BSP – 16mm (1/2ins) Barbed

BSP sizes don’t match up with what you measure on the scale of a ruler, which can obviously cause some confusion. For example a 1/2″ BSP thread actually measures more like 3/4″ with a ruler. The size was originally based on the inside diameter, measured in inches, of a steel pipe for which the thread was intended. This is the source of the confusion, as people think the size refers to the outside diameter of the male thread.

Only sold as a fitting on its own, no washer, no nut comes with this!

Weight 0.0500 kg

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3 reviews for Hose Tail Connector

  1. danc

    Excellent little gadget to join water butts via standard garden hose. Really tough and very useful.

  2. Peter Bennett

    From the photo, it looks like it comes with a plastic nut to seal the inside. I’ve found that it’s done up so tight that you destroy the nut trying to loosen it. Not well thought out considering it should be easy to fit.

  3. Peter bennett

    I was disappointed with this product as you can’t tighten the nut once in position to make a good seal. To make it work I had to put a lot of sealant around the hole so the water only travels down the pipe.

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