Ona Gel

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Ona does not simply mask smells or cover them with a stronger smell but actually removes them by absorbing and dissolving the offending particles.

Ona odor neutralising agent is a blend of 32 essential oils specifically chosen for their ability to neutralise a very wide range of malodorous molecules. It can control and eliminate organic and non organic odors in a wide variety of situations. The smell of pets, plants, smoke, rubbish, germs and mildew will all be removed by Ona.

How to use:

Simply place the gel in the area where you need to zap the smell and the Ona will do the rest. If you are using Ona in a large area or have a particularly smelly problem to deal with, Ona Gel should be used with a fan such as the ONA Breeze Fan which sits on top of the 4ltr size tubs. This makes the Ona more effective over a larger area.

Ona gel available in 2 sizes: 1ltr and 4ltr

Ona gel in available in 3 scents:

  • Pro
  • Fresh Linen
  • Apple Crumble
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