Spraying to control insects inside a large grow room using standard equipment is a difficult, unpleasant and time consuming job that is not always 100% successful because of the difficulty achieving total coverage. This means that more often than not, spraying is not as effective as it could be so needs to be performed more and more frequently. Electronic Nebuliser Hand Sprayers give TOTAL coverage over large areas in seconds flat for the fastest and most effective application of pest control preparations.

They use an acrosol ULV nebuliser that atomises the solution to a droplet size of between 20 – 60 microns and a high powered electric fan that sprays the mist a distance of up to 6 meters guaranteeing total coverage of your room in seconds without having to get onto your hands and knees! Just open the door, turn it on and its job done! Electronic Nebuliser also save money on expensive spray treatments as the droplet size is so small that 5ltrs of solution is enough to saturate an area of 4500m3.

If you have ever had the unpleasant task of spraying large areas with standard equipment, once you have used an Electronic Nebuliser Hand Sprayer you will never look back.

The ECO version has a single nozzle and will treat a room 3m x 3m in around 30 seconds.

Nebuliser Hand Sprayer ECO Specification
1 Nozzle
220 V 50 Hz
1200 Watt
4 lt Tank
3,5 KG’S
29x43x26 cm
20-60 Micron adjustable spray