BioBizz Bio-Ph Minus 250ml

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What is Bio·pH-?

Bio·pH- has been designed especially for the organic farming sector.

Bio·pH- is an aqueous solution made of citric acid found naturally in different citrus fruits, such as lemons. Correcting pH in a natural way is essential for plants to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. The natural formulation of Bio·pH- enables fast pH adjusting of any type of substrate and for any type of crop, without harming the soil micro life. It is designed to work perfectly with the Biobizz nutrients and can be used in every watering. It is suitable to be used during both growing and flowering phase.


Mix the necessary Biobizz nutrients and measure the pH of the mix. Apply 0,1 ml of Bio·pH- to decrease pH in 0,5 points. Add the necessary amount of Bio·pH-, stir for 10 seconds and measure the pH level again. Keep adding Bio·pH- until you reach the optimal pH range of 6.2-6.5 and you are ready to give the nutrient mix to your plants.

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