Aqua Farm Dripper System

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The Aqua Farm is a totally self contained hydroponics system that was first developed over 25 years ago and has been successfully growing plants ever since. It is perfect for use in nurseries and indoor gardens for growing mothers or decorative plants. They are also commonly used in kitchens who wish to grow culinary herbs so they always have fresh produce available while cooking. The system can be placed anywhere in the home, office, veranda, greenhouse or grow room.
Plants are grown in expanded clay pebbles and fed via a drip ring from above that is powered by a small air pump that sits by the side of the system.
The Aqua Farm is very easy to maintain and comes supplied with pump fittings and full instructions.
Approximate overall measurements:
L = 45. 5 cm – W = 45. 5 cm – H = 43 cm
Effective reservoir capacity = 35 Litres

Weight 5.2000 kg
Dimensions 45.5 × 45.5 × 43 cm


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