Silver Aluminium Ducting x 10m

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Box of 10meter length.

For use with all our extractor fans.
All of our ducting has been tested and passed British fire rating BS476-67-20

Aluminium ducting is made from thin aluminium foils that are rolled in spiral shapes forming round ducts that look and feel corrugated. Progrow offer these flexible ducts for optimising ventilation systems for your grow room. Progrow specialises in hydroponic aluminium ducting that is made from multi-layered aluminium fittings, strengthened with tension hard steel. They are made to be highly resistant to fire. Ducting is available in all the familiar ducting sizes.

If you are in the market looking for aluminium ducting, it is important you keep in mind that it is vital to keep the ducting pulled as tight as you possibly can. This tightness goes a long way in reducing the resistance thus ensuring maximum airflow. Numerous bends on your ducts will only increase air flow resistance, hence reducing the capability of the fan. Progrow offers you a wide selection of inexpensive hydroponic aluminium ducting and accessories options for you to choose from. These options include wall flanges, combi ducting, acoustic ducting, aluminium ducting, ducting reducers, phonic trap ducting, couplers, heat resistant tapes, backdraft shutters and many more.

Applications of aluminium ducting

The ducting is designed to be highly resistant to corrosion and ideal for industrial use inside grow rooms and tents. Most industrial environments are characterised by intense moisture contents. Such environments need ductwork panels that are foam-coated with aluminium to prevent the moisture from corroding the ducting. Aluminium ducting is especially important in hydroponics because they are less corrosive compared to other ductwork products.

The manufacturers ensure that hydroponics aluminium ducting are free from any form of leakage, making sure that they are tightly fitted to prevent moisture from entering the ducts through the openings. If moisture manages to penetrate through to the ducts, it can cause many different problems.

Hydroponics aluminium ducting is also used in cell insulation of HVAC air duct systems. This is instrumental because it prevents condensation of air and moisture, reduces noise levels and saves on energy. These products enable stability in low thermal conductivity, resistance to mildew and mould growth and low water vapour transmission.

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