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IWS AutoDrain Large Stand is part of the IWS AutoDrain System. Rather than using a standard saucer or tray, plant pots sit in their own AutoDrain, so that you can remove any run off quickly and efficiently. This means plants, or more importantly roots, aren’t sat in water, the medium isn’t getting overly saturated, nutrient uptake is also improved, and the risk of rot root is vastly reduced.


  • LARGE STAND – 52cm x 52cm x 12cm, up to 45L round pot)
  • (Also available in Small – 37.5cm x 37.5cm x 11cm, up to 15L round pot
  • Fits 25mm pipe IWS fittings
  • For hand watering grow techniques in soil or coco
  • Suitable for round/square/air pots & fabric pouches up to 35cm
  • Easily extended to be used with as many pots as required
  • Helps improve nutrient uptake
  • Reduces the risk of root rot/pythium
  • Excess solution can be run to waste or recirculated

The IWS (Intelligent Watering Systems) is a modular Ebb and Flood system that is great for growing medium to large sized plants and for covering a large growing area with a single system. IWS (Intelligent Watering Systems) provide just that – an automated watering system that gives growers the ultimate flexibility, scalability, and control over their grow.

Fittings for the IWS systems include:

  • Tee fits the Outer Pot Sealing Gland of the Standard IWS Hydroponic Systems
  • Elbow replacement for the Standard IWS Hydroponic Systems
  • Sealing Gland for the outer pots and brain pot of the IWS Hydroponic Systems
  • Straight Piece that connects Flexi Pipe to the Sealing Glands on the IWS Brain Bucket
  • Rubber Washer (Pro) securely waterproofs your system
  • Locknut (Pro) securely fastens the rubber washer to ensure a tight seal

IWS AutoDrain Large Stand – part of the IWS System

One large reservoir supplies the nutrient to each module and the IWS ‘Brain’ takes care of feeding cycles making it very simple to use. Growers will lay out the containers to suit the growing area and reposition them during the growing cycle if necessary. You can increase or decrease the system size by adding or removing modules as required. We recommend 4 growing containers for every 600w light used.

  • Greater uptake of water and nutrients than with hand watering
  • Root zone completely oxygenated several times a day
  • Free draining root zone means no nutrient build up or water-logging


  • Bigger Yields – Consistently feeding little and often, combined with a highly oxygenated root zone, means healthier plants and higher yields
  • Adaptability – Experienced growers can control the number and duration of feeds to suit their specific growing environment, so maximising yields
  • Flexibility – Growers can extend the system in size, covering a large area with just one nutrient reservoir to maintain


The IWS Pro System is designed to offer solutions to suit a range of growers, from small scale growers looking for an automated system to take on the hard work, to larger scale professionals looking for a system that will deliver outstanding yields.

Manufactured to the highest specification right here in the UK. With excellent expert support and advice available for our customers, it’s easy to see how the IWS systems have become the intelligent choice for growers in the UK and throughout Europe.

  • The best-selling modular systems on the market
  • Built-in high-quality 24 hour optimum timers*
  • Maximised yields over hand-watering
  • Systems carry the and UKCA mark of quality
  • Kits come with everything you need, are quick and easy to set-up

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