CAMO® Tank

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The CAMO Tank is made from steel tubes and alloy corners which make up the frame and then a tough PVC CAMO material inside.

The lid is made from heat reflective Mylar, which dramatically reduces the amount of heat transferred to your nutrient solution. The lid is secured in place with Velcro®for easy access. Entry & exit holes are featured in the lid for pipes in & out. When not used a screwed on cap covers the hole.

The thread for the tap is now locked in position from factory so no nut is required on the inside so leaking taps are a thing of the past. Volume markers are on the inside to aid when adding nutrients to the tank.

  • Heavy duty PVC.
  • Heavy duty steel frame.
  • Entry & exit holes for pipes in-out.
  • Locked tap thread (no more dripping taps)
  • Volume indicator.
  • Flat packed.

Available in 3 sizes:


  • 90 x 55 x 55 cm
  • 7kg


  • 100 x 70 x 70 cm
  • 9.8kg


  • 100 x 85 x 85 cm
Weight 7.0000 kg

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