Autopot XL Flexipot System

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The AutoPot XL Flexipot System incorporates the incredibly popular fabric pot, their 20ltr/ 5 gal pot fitting perfectly in the XL System Module Trays. Larger Fabric pots are available in 35ltr / 9 gal and 139ltr / 37 gal versions. These are well suited for use in ‘open garden trays’ with easy2GO and PlantSkirt.

AutoPot’s Flexipots are re-useable and constructed using a BPA free and lead free material that is certified against ‘off gassing’ and leaching. Their construction ensures a rigid base meaning a well supported plant.

Autopot Flexipot System takes the immense capacity and versatility of the XL module and incorporates 20 ltr fabric FlexiPots. Flexipots’ porous, BPA free, lead free fabric facilitates air pruning which effectively eliminates root circling – giving you bigger plants from smaller pots. The same porosity increases oxygen exchange in the substrate – supercharging growth.

FlexiPots encourage excellent root growth through increased oxygen to the root zone with the added benefit of air pruning your roots. Air pruning naturally seals an exploratory root thus tricking the plant to produce more roots. The process of air-pruning not only improves the structure of the root but also the plant above, producing bigger healthier high yielding plants, it is a well known trick to increasing a plants potential by introducing more oxygen to the root zone.

Autopot XL Flexipot System Tips and Features

  • A truly innovative well thought out system from 1 plant to 100.

  • A re-useable fabric pot that will well out last others.

  • When using fabric pots it is important to monitor the expected increased humidity.

  • This also applies to watering frequency as transpiration from the pot will be increased.

  • Roll the pot down to decrease the volume as necessary.

  • From a single pot to 100 provided with all fittings, AQUAvalve5 and reservoir tank.

  • Power free, plant driven economic watering system.

  • Perfectly matched rigid plastic 47 ltr reservoir or for larger systems the 100ltr, 225ltr, 400ltr, 750ltr FlexiTank.

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