Autopot System 9mm

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Autopot system 9mm and 16mm pipework and fittings with the new large bore AQUAvalve5 as standard.

Providing a low cost system returning incredible yields from 1 pot to 100 pot systems.

Autopot are constantly seeking to improve and build upon the global success of their range. The latest Autopot Systems are suited to Household gardeners and commercial growers alike, the ‘power free’ simple and efficient design has become of choice for many commercial growers from as far afield as Thailand to South Africa. A U.K based company Progrow have been proud to work with for over 20 years.

AutopPot System 9mm Set Up and Operation

The Autopot system are supplied with 15ltr pots as standard, all necessary pipework and fittings to connect the trays and AQUAvalve5 to the reservoir tank. The Autopot AQUAvalve5 system relies on gravity to distribute nutrient solution to the Autopot tray. Therefore raising your reservoir tank at least 150mm above the AQUAvalves is essential. All Autopot systems are supplied with reservoir tanks selected on the basis of their capacity to efficiently water the number of pots in that system.

  • 1,  2, 4 and 6 pot systems are supplied with a rigid 47ltr tank with lid.
  • 8 and 9 pot systems are supplied with the 100ltr FlexiTank.
  • 12, 16, with the 225ltr FlexiTank.
  • 24, 36, 48 and 60pot with the 400ltr FlexiTank.
  • 80 and 100 pot are supplied with the 750ltr FexiTank.

It is essential to use a filter with your system and clean it regularly, re-fill the reservoir when it is approx. a third empty and never allow the reservoir to run empty. To prevent sediment being drawn through the pipework re-fill your reservoir in two stages with a30-60min gap between fillings. The new 9mm pipework and AQUAvalve5 with its vastly increased flow rate enables AutoPot to recommend the use of organic feeds for the first time. Do not use an air stone with the AutoPot systems as this has a tendency to raise the pH, it is better to use a circulation pump sporadically. Place your trays in the final growing positions on a level surface, install the AQUAvalves into the trays and then connect the pipework back to your reservoir tank.

Water and Temperature

Position your reservoir tank outside of the grow area maintaining temperatures between 18 and 21c with a pH of 5.8 if growing in soil and 5.5 – 5.6 pH with coco. Always use the filter and clean it regularly particularly if you are using organics. In hard water areas to flush your pipework weekly to prevent build up of scale and nutrient salts. You should also clean the reservoir tank and pipework between fills, discard any remaining nutrient solution, clean the tank and refill with pH adjusted water. Reconnect your pipework and use plain water for 12-24hrs before adding nutrient solution.

Efficiency, Versatility, Longevity

The power free gravity fed system is truly a plant driven watering system ensuring not a single drop of water or nutrient solution is ever wasted. The benefits of this efficient system are two fold in that usual overheads of power consumption are irrelevant. This lack of reliance on power adds to the usability of the system  meaning any space becomes viable for growing. The system can be used for a wide range of plants of all differing sizes, whether flowering, fruiting or ornamental. Although supplied with 15ltr pots a 8.5ltr version is also available. FlexiTanks can also be upgraded to the FlexiTank Pro. If your plants require a large individual footprint, typically achieve greater than average height, or grow over a long period of time then the 1pot system represents an excellent option for you. Autopot modules require no plumbing for recirculation or waste water so modules can be added or removed at will.

Hats off to AutoPot always innovating always striving, theres a lot to learn from this company, delve in to their Youtube channel here to find out more.

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